Sony Ericsson to produce two variants of Xperia X10, one for AT&T and the other for T-Mobile?

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Sony Ericsson to produce two variants of Xperia X10, one for AT&T and the other for T-Mobile?
One of the reasons that the Xperia X1 never hit the big time in America was due to the lack of a carrier agreeing to subsidize the cost of the pricey handset for customers. The panels interface might have caught on more had one of the top U.S. carriers decided to add the Windows Mobile device to its lineup. Instead, the model faltered, relegated to being sold as an unlocked import costing an arm and a leg (actually, it was an arm and two legs, but there was a leg returned as part of a rebate). Not wanting the same tragic history to define the upcoming flagship Xperia X10, Sony Ericsson has said that it was hoping for a U.S. carrier to subsidize the model. As part of that plan, the joint venture has decided to produce two different variants of the X10, each carrying a radio that will allow T-Mobile and AT&T to offer it to their respective customers with 3G connectivity. Powered by Android and equipped with the UX personalized user interface, Variant 1 will have the 1700MHz band for T-Mobile while Variant 2 will cover AT&T's 3G frequencies. This info comes from a list of specs of the phone dug up by the Android Guys site. Considering that the off contract price of the Xperia X10 is over $700, it is going to require some heavy cash subsidies from Sony Ericsson to get the handset down to a competitive 2 year contract price in the U.S., but with indications of an early 2010 launch, it looks like some deals have been completed. With that in mind, who wants the Xperia X10 for your next handset?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Specifications | Preview

source: AndroidGuys via BGR


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