Sony D6503 'Sirius' rumor roundup: specs, release date, price and all we know so far

Sony D6503 'Sirius' rumor roundup: specs, release date, price and all we know so far
In case you were worried Sony won't have a flagship to counter the Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3 with this season, you need to stop fretting, as the Sony D6503, codenamed "Sirius", already made quite the splash in the rumor mill. The company's current flagship, however, the Xperia Z1, has barely been on the market for a few months now, so Sirius might simply be a refresh of sorts, rather than the speculated Xperia Z2 successor.

This theory is backed up by the leaked specs, features and interface screenshots - there isn't anything that is drastically different than the Z1 - not to mention that the design language seems to have been kept very similar. Moreover, another Sony handset, coded D6603, appeared in benchmarks, so Sony might be doing this season what it did with the Xperia Z and ZL combo. Let's recap what we know so far about the "Sirius" handset.


Photos, allegedly showing the Sony D6503, reveal a device that is similar in appearance to the Sony Xperia Z1, but with thinner side bezel. This leads to the possibility that the phone sports a larger, 5.2 inch screen, just as outed already. The bottom of the device has three large holes instead of the mesh speaker grille found on the Xperia Z1. The microUSB and SIM ports are on the left side and the microSD slot is on the right side. The lanyard is now also on the left side instead of the right side as on the Xperia Z1. In fact, a few photos popped up, that show the Sirius lying next to an Xperia Z1, so you can judge on the visual differences yourself.

Dual speakers

In the latest leaked photos of the handset, two thin slits are visible top and bottom at the front, covered with protective mesh that looks like a speaker grill. One is above the LED notification light at the top, and the other is at the bottom, right above what looks like a complex noise-canceling mic setup. Let's not forget that the back panel features a small mic opening at the top, so we might be in for a three-mic placement, like on the iPhone 5s, or the Lumia 1020. Those eventual two front speakers are perhaps stereo, too, like on the HTC One and One mini. The new USB amp support option in the settings should also be a hint that Sony has some plans for the Sirius to be an audio-oriented handset, not only a cameraphone.


Last we heard, the screen is supposed to be 5.2 inches, and that's where the biggest difference with the Z1 lies - speculation was also that Sony will equip Sirius with a 1440x2560 pixels QHD display panel. On the other hand, leaked system info files show a Full HD display, and the QHD claims sound like a wishful thinking. 

Sony will be losing a bit if everyone comes out with a QHD phone, while Sirius is still on 1080p, but if this one is meant as a Z1 refresh, a sheer use of IPS screen panel, instead of the poor TN ones, would make enough of a difference, as the viewing angles on the Z and Z1 are inexcusable on a modern flagship. Not that the actual resolution maters when we are choosing between 1080p and QHD, as mobile screen resolution is more than enough at Full HD even at this point.


One and the same specs list is a recurring theme in all leaks. The phone will eventually be powered by Qualcomm's MSM8974AB SoC, which is a faster variant of the Snapdragon 800, offering higher clock speeds and other extras. 

The handset will allegedly join the 3 GB RAM club, as that's what's shown on the system info list, and regurgitated in rumors. We can only hope for 32 GB of internal memory, too, but if there's a microSD slot, like on the Xperia Z1, we'll likely get 16 GB. 

In fact, that's exactly the case in the leaked screenshots from the D6503, which are claimed to show 16 gigs of storage.

Meanwhile, а few screenshots, claimed to be from the upcoming Sirius, appeared over at the dedicated XDA-Devs threads. These show the battery life reports from the phone, which is said to carry a generous 3300 mAh capacity unit. That's 10% more battery capacity than the Z1, so even if we do have a Quad HD panel on the D6503, the juicer that backs it up, will be enough for the eventual increased consumption.

Judging from the battery screens, endurance is on the average side, yet these are arguably taken from a preproduction unit, so we wouldn't read too much into them, and we will wait for the official endurance numbers from Sony, and our own battery tests with the retail unit.


The staple feature of an Xperia flagship is, naturally, the camera, ever since Sony outed the Z1 with a 20 MP shooter on the back. That same camera is supposedly making its way into the Sirius phone, and rightfully so, as everything less would be a disappointment already. Judging from the leaked photos, the LED flash placement, and the sensor spot itself, seem to be similar to the Z1, so hopefully Sony adds some extra features and improved algorithms as well, especially for nighttime footage, which on the Z1 is a rather weak point. 

At the very least we see that the 20 MP camera will be capable of 4K video recording, in line with Sony's recent trend to do everything centered around the next video resolution craze. More screenshots have appeared from an engineering unit of the device, and they show some new camera modes are in place, too.

First off, the 1080p video recording will have the option to be captured with 60 frames per second, in addition to the usual 30fps mode. Moreover, there will be a new camera resolution setting. With the Z1, you can only go from 20 MP in 4:3 aspect ratio, to 8 MP in the same ratio, with widescreen 16:9 format also done in 8 MP. Well, with Sony D6503 "Sirius" you will have the option of a more "resolute" 16:9 aspect, shot with 15.5 MP. Here are some leaked camera app screenshots and photos, claimed to be from the Sirius, compared with shots from the Z1.


A treasure trove of screenshots was unearthed from a Sony D6503 Sirius, showing its Timescape interface, sitting on top of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The screens reveal that new features are in store with Sony's upcoming flagship refresh - 4K video recording gets confirmed, as well as a Glove mode for the screen, meaning you can operate it out on the ski lift, like any self-respecting Lumia these days. There are numerous other tweaks like an extra homescreen for the visually impaired, smart backlight control, notification tabs in the status bar, as well as a whole lot of themes, transparencies and full-screen wallpapers, brought along by KitKat, which you can see in the slideshow below, plus a video of the interface in action just underneath.

Release date

Numerous pointers show that the new Xperia "Sirius" will be announced around the MWC expo, which starts at the end of February, with release date following next month, in March, for a typical flagship price north of 600 USD or EUR without a contract. That would mean a roughly six-month refresh cycle from the Z1 to the Sirius upgrade, and it would be worth it for the new screen and dual speakers alone, not to mention the features that Android KitKat and the new camera app will bring along with the handset. What do you think?



1. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Why until now there's only rumors and leaks of the D6503? What about the D6603?

12. james004

Posts: 486; Member since: May 15, 2013

edit the pictures and specs pictures of this phone and just make some rumor. Isnt that what the tech news blogs do? :/ its about reader's traffic.

14. __0__

Posts: 242; Member since: Jan 07, 2014

I think this is the xperia ZL1 ! I am so excited . Xperia ZL > Z is many ways . ZL has better speakers . ZL has slightly larger battery . ZL is cheaper . ZL has a camera shutter key ZL has smaller bezel ZL has slightly better looking screen , if you use a razor blade to remove the anti shatter film

29. akki20892

Posts: 3902; Member since: Feb 04, 2013

Sony put this in at&t too and we know it's coming in Verizon.

2. Teja171 unregistered

I think one of them is the Z2 and the other one too is a Z2, but some region specific locked device, or with a different cpu.

3. aayupanday

Posts: 582; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

Don't think those speakers will be as powerful as the BoomSound

5. Teja171 unregistered

True to some xtent

8. buccob

Posts: 2980; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

I wouldn't mind having the same loudness I currently have... but you would be surprise what a better placement (plus stereo) can make...

4. bugsbunny00

Posts: 2267; Member since: Jun 07, 2013

this better be a phone with a damn good viewing angles.QHD if thats what takes.speaker grill so thin thou,hope its loud enough.

6. Teja171 unregistered

Fingers crossed

7. ArtSim98

Posts: 3535; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

This beast will beat the cr*p out of it's competition! Let's call it the GODZILLA

37. Arsen

Posts: 32; Member since: Aug 07, 2013

GODZILLA with a CRAPPY BATTERY LIFE. HAHAHA i'm a sony fan too but from what I've experienced from Xperia S and Xperia Z1 i won't be going back. Sony's Displays eats a lot of battery. Sony didn't even noticed that. Didn't you even see the Screenshot? 1Hr 50Mins Screen on Time. and 38% Remaining. 3300mAh Battery won't help. i got 2Hrs Screen on time on my g2 with 60% battery remaining.

38. minhajmsd

Posts: 24; Member since: Oct 07, 2011

If you would go to the thread on XDA you would know that the software is very buggy so you really shouldn't expect a good battery life.

9. nasznjoka

Posts: 418; Member since: Oct 05, 2012

Huge BEZEL is like when someone has a huge forehead why do they still bring that ish#t in 2014?? even huawei is a lot better than that ish#t and guys says it looks awesome!!! #fanboys

11. yudi.nemesis unregistered

Huge BEZEL is like when someone has a huge forehead why do they still bring that ish#t in 2014?? Maybe because IP certification is much more important and useful than thin bezels. And from what i know ish#t isn't waterproof and dustproof. Those huge bezels also will provide us with more better and secure grip especialy when you hold the phone with one hand in landscape mode. For my eyes this phone looks elegant and premium maybe thats why many people says it looks awesome.

28. tech2

Posts: 3487; Member since: Oct 26, 2012

hmmmm........if waterproof and dustproof phones comes have bigger bezels then tell me why GS4 Active has smaller bezels inspite of supporting removable back and physical keys, Mr. Genuis ?,Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Active/phones/8000,7840

33. yudi.nemesis unregistered

Hahaha... Z1 has larger sensor and battery thats why the bezels is taller and wider but the body is thinner than S4 Active. Now can you tell me why S4 Active and Optimus GJ is bigger and thicker than S4 and Optimus G??? removeable cover doesn't make any different in size since samsung uses flimsy and thin back cover. And there is also no problem with physical keys because the size of physical keys on S4 Active is about the same size as S4 (S4 also has 2 capacitive buttons)

13. Feanor

Posts: 1419; Member since: Jun 20, 2012

A smartphone is mainly a square thing with a square screen in the middle. There is nothing about big bezels that resemble huge foreheads or other huge body parts except in your own imagination. Most likely the large top bezel is because Sony engineers cannot fit the big camera sensor directly behind the screen without making the phone thick. It's their decision. Not everyone has to like it but also not everyone has to hate it. I personally think that 8-10mm additional length comparing to an LG is no ergonomic disaster. And design looks to me long and elegant.

10. LikeMyself

Posts: 631; Member since: Sep 23, 2013

I still can't see the difference between a 720p S3 and a 1080p S4. And the 1080p on the Z1 is just awesome. So pleasant for the eyes. Don't need qHD(more than my FullHD tv wtf). Bring in more natural colors and battery efficient displays instead of useless qHD. Those who see a difference will make opticians become richer as they are using their phones glued to their eyes!

18. docj8404

Posts: 73; Member since: Jan 23, 2013

This isn't meant as an insult, but if you can't see any difference between a 720p 4.8' display & a 5' 1080p display, especially of AMOLED variety, it may be time for you to see an optometrist yourself. I suppose the following is a matter of opinion, but the colors on all Sony displays come across as severely washed out, regardless of what the resolution is, which I'm attributing to the TFT display technology if I recall correctly. That aside, maybe one day Sony will release a smartphone that doesn't have abnormally large bezels.

15. Sonny_09

Posts: 49; Member since: May 24, 2013

The real question is whether should they continue this 6-month refresh cycle thingy? Why not just make one flagship for the whole year? I'm a bit hesitated to buy Sony flagship nowadays.

19. Amir1 unregistered

buy it and be happy with your purchase. this way you won't think your device is old. new devices are announced all the time.

24. Sonny_09

Posts: 49; Member since: May 24, 2013

Yes,new devices are announced all the time, but flagship aren't. If they continue such trend, all their products are just unfinished goods, that need to be refreshed every 6 month. I'm just scare this phone would suffer the same fate as Xperia Z.

17. teja171 unregistered

And some flimsy loose flaps too.

20. Amir1 unregistered

flaps are said to be very easy to open and close, said the xda user who shot these photos.

21. teja171 unregistered

I mean that the flaps are somewhat substandard, and can fall off any moment, making the device no more waterproof.

32. majp89

Posts: 182; Member since: Jun 18, 2013

Unless you bite your fingernails. I know, this is my fault, but still annoying nonetheless.

22. mokhtar

Posts: 405; Member since: Jan 06, 2014

sorry sony .. im a big fan seens the ion , z and z1 owner , but if this is really the next flagship ( i dont think so ) or z2 of sony .. thats a big big shame .. where is the double led or xenon , the optical image stabilization ? slow motion ? and a different design of z1 ? this is just the z1 , i think sony have a surprise for us .. im sure

26. trinkner

Posts: 13; Member since: Jan 28, 2014

I agree. Without a xenon flash, this is just another fast, big Android phone. That's a nice phone in general, but it won't stand out from the S5, Nexus, G3, et al. I guess the water and dust resistance is different from the rest, but I was hoping Sony would step up their photography game to compete with Nokia.

23. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2363; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

I'm all in, for 4k recording

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