Snap up a brand new Pixel 7a for $249 while you can

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Best Buy exceeds expectations with a 50% Pixel 7a discount but there's a little catch
We have seen a couple of good Pixel 7a deals in recent times and in case you have a strict unlocked phones-only policy, this post is not for you, but for everyone else, Best Buy is offering a discount of 50 percent on Google's impressive budget flagship.

Google doesn't cheap out in the name of affordability which is why it feels almost wrong to label the Pixel 7a as a midranger. It has the same Tensor G2 chip as the Pixel 7 and boasts a higher-resolution main camera than its pricier counterpart.

Pixel 7a 8GB 128GB

6.1 inches OLED 90Hz screen | Tensor G2 chip | 64MP + 13MP rear cameras | 4,385mAh battery

The result is a phone that no rival can top. That of course doesn't mean it's the absolute best in every way, it just means that the Pixel 7a offers the best combination of specs for the money, making it the best affordable phone of 2024.

Clocking in at 6.1 inches, the Pixel 7a is neither too small nor overly big. The Google-designed Tensor G2 keeps everything running beautifully, so you'll never face delays or crashes. 

The phone's dual camera system takes vibrant and beautiful images with an impressive amount of detail even when the lighting is not ideal. Images of moving subjects are also sharp on most occasions. 

The Pixel 7a costs $499, which already makes it affordable, and the unlocked version is currently discounted by $150. If you want to save even more, Best Buy will slash the price by $250 to $249, so long as you are willing to activate the phone.

And yes, I get it, as a strong independent woman (or man), you probably don't like a carrier dictating when you should activate your phone, but hey, you are getting a massive discount for doing something you are going to do at some point in the future anyway.

We think this is a ridiculously good deal and we don't even know how long it's going to stick around, so go ahead and nab the Pixel 7a for only $249 while you can.

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