Shotgun marriage of Nokia and Microsoft might be in the works

Shotgun marriage of Nokia and Microsoft might be in the works
Numerous sources, including reputable ones like the WSJ and Bloomberg, leaked that Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop might announce a software partnership with Microsoft as soon as tomorrow at the investors' conference presentation, if they have hammered out the details by then.

Nokia has also been looking into Android, as well as staying the course with Symbian and MeeGo, but these plans might be off the table now. Nokia has indicated often that it is looking for a slick, unobtrusive novel UI, which will make your phone just work, and Microsoft's WP7 has been given as an example.

Now we can't imagine what would that partnership be, rather than adopting Windows Phone 7 as a platform for Nokia devices. Symbian is nice and functional, but its UI is outdated, and Nokia keeps pouring millions to overhaul it. A lot has been written how this makes sense for both Microsoft and Nokia, which were caught by surprise with the ascent of Apple and Google in the mobile market. Even if they just take the UI concept from Microsoft, it will still be better than what we have now, and, given Nokia's hardware R&D and manufacturing capacity, it will be a win-win situation for both companies.

MeeGo is in a final phase of development, and there might even be a flagship Nokia N9-01 tested with it for 2011 release, as various leaks confirmed. Nothing major is being heard on the Symbian front, though, and WP7 might be a good alternative in the meantime for all other practical purposes. A lot of Microsoft's services are overlapping with the Ovi ecosystem, but two companies like Nokia and Microsoft can quickly overcome those differences and merge or complement the two successfully. Nokia is yet to put a 1GHz chipset in a phone, which was Microsoft's minimum for WP7, so if any partnership gets announced, it will bear fruit late this year, or even the next.

Or, for that matter, Microsoft could just outright buy Nokia at the current depressed share price, and have the hardware to back its software. That's not possible at all, though - Microsoft's cash and cash equivalents barely cover the market cap of Nokia, and it still has to pay a premium and get shareholder approval, so the software alliance seems the likely middle ground. Loyal Nokia fans might be slightly disappointed with such a move, though.

The other rumors point out that Stephen Elop is trying to move Nokia closer to the North American market, and will oust a few Finnish executives as early as today. The North American chief is also going, and Nokia might move some headquarters to the Silicon Valley, where the hottest action in mobile is currently. We are sure Apple and Google are a bit worried now, because cornered companies have proven they can come up with disruptive ideas when pressed.

Google's Vic Gundotra even lashed out a tweet with the stinging content "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle" and #feb11 hashtag, which is the date of Nokia's presentation tomorrow. We wouldn't be so condescending, Vic, if we were you. If Nokia and Microsoft join forces, the carriers will welcome a third major player much more willingly, as they have already expressed concerns how Apple and Google are twisting their arms. All we know is that we geeks will win in the end from the battle of the titans.

source: WSJ, AllThingsDigital



1. killemall unregistered

Me think that MS need Nokia then Nokia needs MS.... but thats mine opinion... Anycase i hope that nokia tomorow will not anounce end of the nokia (by which i meen android on nokia...). Company still have potencial, if only they would increase sortiment, especialy more phones with their alternative OS (previusly it was Meemo, now its MeGo)

7. BobbyTaba

Posts: 316; Member since: Aug 11, 2010

Why doesn't Nokia partner with wp7 and android

2. shyne unregistered

why don't people understand (especially the so called american analyst- bloggers) symbian is not the problem, its the attitude and slow responds from executives. Symbian can't change by itself, if they do proper work on it then it can become better than any of the so called new ages OS. WP7 is not gonna help nokia anyway

3. 4everman unregistered

Hello about MEEMO,ITS MAEMO, and MeeGo is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system project.MAEMO is a software platform developed by Nokia for smartphones and Internet tablets.[1] It is based on the Debian Linux distribution. The platform comprises the Maemo operating system and the Maemo SDK.See on nokia n900,have MAEMO OS.

4. sonisoe

Posts: 440; Member since: May 06, 2009

no company is too big to tumble..another great example in nokia, the king of mobile that is coming to used-to-be...

5. ribbonsalmark

Posts: 84; Member since: Jan 06, 2011

I was really hoping that Nokia would move to the Android OS. Nokia is a big enough company that it could fight against providers and force updates on its schedule not the providers schedule, like Apple. Nokia is a unique monster in its own right, going with WP7 will make it a shell of the Microsoft conglomerate. I would have to hand it to Microsoft though, this effectively gives them a large scale mobile manufacturer without actually needing to buy it. If Nokia was to go with Android it could remain its own beast, modifying and building custom Android interface with special Nokia features. And like I said Nokia is a beast like Apple and would not be subject to the "provider review" that most manufacturers fall to like Sony Ericsson, Samsung or HTC. Nokia please dont go with WP7 as your sole mobile operating system..

6. bluechris unregistered

Hope any tie in with Microsoft / WP7 is short term. Nokia does need something like this in the US to get AT&T and T-Mobile back on side, but Symbian UI is a problem rather than Symbian underlying OS. Nokia haven't put a 1Ghz processor in yet because Symbian 3 gets good performance and battery life on slower processors. In 2009 i think they announced a roadmap with Symbian 3 overhauling the OS core and that Symbian 4 would be a major UI change. Then they released Symbian 3 but ditched Symbian 4 saying they would make it a series of updates to Symbain 3 instead. I believe (I don't have Symbian device) that pr 2.0 is due out soon and they are releasing updates, though perhaps not a squickly as people want, but then people want a new OS yesterday. They need to steady the ship and beable to fix Symbian's UI without loosing more time, mind and market share whilst they do it. a tie in with Wp7 could help, with a long term goal of improving the Symbain UI, and Ecosystem, plus offering some devices on Wp7 to get users back to their high quality hardward. I don't see them ditching Symbian, QT and Meego any time soon, but they do need to keep interest in the US strong. Ditrching their own OS's would loose the ability to differentiate and make them just another handset maker (though they have a great hardware reputation). Besides, This isn't just an Andoid / IOs world - there's also Bada, WebOS (as we saw yesterday), and Blackberry.

8. Marc Aurel unregistered

Very good point about Bada and WebOS. Samsung realized that they can't just play nice with Google if they want to become the number 1 phone manufacturer, which is their goal. They ditched Symbian in favor of Bada, which they have complete control over. Yes, that's right, Samsung did not drop Symbian for Android, but because with Bada they no longer needed Symbian, which they could only influence but not control. For Nokia to switch to Android or WP7 and drop Symbian or MeeGo completely would be monumentally stupid, and if Elop tries something like that I see another CEO change coming very soon. However, adding WP7 to the OS portfolio is still a possibility and could also be used to sweeten up the services deal with Microsoft.

9. Oh NO unregistered

Great idea nokia let`s trash symbian and pick something on almost the same calibre. I just can`t wait for the blue screen of death homescreen title. If this OS switch won`t work, maybe you should revert to msDOS OS.

10. why nokia didnt patner with a unregistered

why nokia cannout launch phones with android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2003 linux an operating system lanuched its mobile platform but due to companies less funds the company collapsed at that time nokia was taking grip in launching smart phones there first smart phone 6600 was a great sucess but the platform java not sufficient to queech the thirst of the mobile manufacturers then a company name Symbian was founded in 2005 it was an inndependent company providing the license for sympian os to all the manufacturer at the other end currently the ceo of the android os andy rubin convinced the google to buy the linux mobile os and according to his name he gave the name as "android" google purchased the company in the year 2007 at the same time nokia also purchased the Symbian company the deal was not the same nokia bought the symbian compant at the higher rate as it was the most promising company for the mobile future but this dream of nokia nver came true android was first launched by htc with 50 apps now at present there are more than 500000 devlopers and about 300000 apps and games and according to the survey carried out by google there are about 500 apps and games launched everyday

11. calmazoo unregistered

actually it probably won't be a full-on adoption, but partnering on the interface and the ecosystems. Nokia has 30 000 apps in the Ovi Store, WP7 has like 5k, but once developers hear this announcement, they will start making apps like crazy, since they considered Symbian going away, and WP7 with too little handsets sold to be worth the trouble... makes a lot of sense for Microsoft, and Nokia is getting the minimalistic, unobtrusive UI they wanted to do with MeeGo - win-win. These guys are not idiots, they have thought about all the issues listed, and came up with the conclusion that it is certainly doable. In any case, I'm smelling a third underdog alliance to take on the march of iOS and Android, which can only be good for us...

12. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

I guess WP7 needs to pick up some more steam for people to get excited about this. Android would be nice, but with so many nicer phones from Motorola, Samsung, HTC... Nokia would be lost. I think WP7 is a nice fit for Nokia. It is a distinctive platform thats not OVER THE TOP with flashes and jingles, but does a job well quietly and efficiently. I think that profile and Nokia go hand in hand.

13. 4everman unregistered

That totally sounds like Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer screaming on stage. Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop is his usual understated self - "It's now a three-horse race", he said, alluding to the major competitors Google and Apple, and we couldn't agree more. Just having the Windows, Office, Bing, Xbox Live, NAVTEQ and Nokia brands on one and the same device sounds incredible. Excited? So are we.

14. hooher tod unregistered

Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

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