Screenshot of Google Korean keyboard app shows Android 4.4

Screenshot of Google Korean keyboard app shows Android 4.4
The video of that alleged Nexus 5 found in a bar seemed to confirm the speculation that in Kit Kat, Google is eliminating the blue Holo theme, to be replaced with a white/gray color scheme. Now, a picture from the Korean keyboard IME app offered by Google and sitting in the Google Play Store, reveals more information about Android 4.4 (Note: Google has since removed the picture).

The screenshots of the app running on a tablet revealed a debug icon in the shape of a slice of Key Lime Pie. The Jelly Bean version showed...a jelly bean, of course. Why no Kit Kat? Well, the deal with Nestle came out of nowhere and many departments at Mountain View were caught off guard. According to Google’s Director of Global Partnerships John Lagerling, most teams internally had already prepared for the next Android build to be Key Lime Pie.

Android 4.4 is expected to be introduced next month and that information was confirmed by none other than Nestle, producer of Kit Kat. If you believe that manufacturers drop clues about launch dates in the time that clocks are set to on an unreleased device, then you might see the 10:07 time set on the picture of the Android 4.4 debug icon to be a clue pointing to an October 7th release. We also hear that the next Android test builds no longer refer to the Google Nexus 4, but now mentions the Nexus 5.

source: GoogleKoreanIME via AndroidPolice
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