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Samsung's new ad knocks competitors' tablets

Samsung's new ad knocks competitors' tablets
Samsung's new ad for its Samsung Galaxy Pro series of tablets really takes some shots at the competition. A panicked Apple iPad owner is asked to multitask by his boss. "(My iPad) can't do two things at once," he confesses as the Samsung Galaxy Pro user has no problem multitasking. In another scene, a Microsoft Surface user with a Type Cover is asked to move "his laptop". Trying to explain that it is a tablet, he admits that it has a keyboard, battery dock and a mouse. On second thought, perhaps it is like a laptop.

The next scene shows the ladies' book club out for tea. "This book makes no sense," says one of the ladies and anther suggests they look up an analysis of the book on YouTube. Except that the club member with a Kindle moans, "My Kindle can't get this app." When someone asks what her Kindle can do, she says, "Books."

Lastly, two women are relaxing at a spa while one is viewing a video on her Galaxy Pro. The other says, "Your Samsung looks better than my iPad because it has more pixels?" When the Samsung owner confirms this, the iPad owner says, "But mine has the Retina thingy." And the Samsung Galaxy Pro owner can only go on with a knowing smile.

Samsung has been known for its rather blunt ads that attack the competition, starting with the famous ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II that featured the barista. You can check out Sammy's new tablet spot by clicking on the video below.

source: SamsungMobile via CNET
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