Samsung's gargantuan 18.4-inch tablet rumored again – here are the supposed specs of that monster

A couple of weeks ago, we caught wind of a weird leak pointing towards a possible 18.4” tablet made by Samsung. Yes, you read that right – the slate was listed on a cargo manifest, as it was entering India for testing and evaluation. Unfortunately, absolutely no photos of the device have leaked, and it seems they might not any time soon – the tablets from that manifest were scheduled for destruction right after testing.

So, that's right – after igniting the phablet fad, Samsung is experimenting with a supersized tablet. Does it sound insane? It kind of does, really – an 18.4” screen is in the realm of kitchen-class TVs. It's actually as big as many people's PC monitors and bigger than conventional laptops. Still, you are probably curious about what kind of specs it might have, right?

Well, a piece of information that was leaked to tech blog SamMobile shed some more light on Sammy's 18.4” tablet. Reportedly, it's codenamed “Tahoe” and bears the model number SM-T670. Its screen utilizes a TFT LCD technology, rather than Sammy's signature Super AMOLED, and its resolution is listed as 1080 x 1920. There goes the dream of it being super-crisp – that number of pixels would give the screen a pixel density of around 120. The SoC under the hood would, supposedly, be the Exynos 7580 – a home-brewed midrange solution – coupled with 2 GB of RAM. The tablet's internal storage is meant to be 32 GB, expandable via microSD of up to 128 GB. Its battery is reported to have a 5,700 mAh capacity, and its camera combo, should you need to hold up the TV-sized slate and take a picture, would be 8 MP / 2.1 MP.

Apparently, Samsung wants to market the tablet for school and office work, so keeping its hardware on the midrange end would allow it to be an affordable tool. As far as when it would possibly be available – the leak says that the Tahoe's operating system would be Android 5.1. Seeing as Android 6.0 Marshmallow should come out by the end of this year, we could speculate that the gargantuan tablet is going to be unveiled some time in the next few months, if ever.

source: SamMobile



1. neops

Posts: 297; Member since: Jan 28, 2014

That's what I'm talking about. I always dreamt my 17" laptop's screen was a tablet :)

4. noler

Posts: 326; Member since: Aug 19, 2013

18" with phone OS like Android it's more like a nightmare than a dream.

6. neops

Posts: 297; Member since: Jan 28, 2014

I didn't say which OS, maybe WitchOS

15. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

Anyways, I was looking for a dining table, will wait for this. :P

14. iushnt

Posts: 3139; Member since: Feb 06, 2013

It makes sense. You know full fledged windows won't give a good battery life specially on standby.

18. Plutonium239

Posts: 1239; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

You are correct about battery life on windows, however windows is far more capable than android and there really is no point to scaling android up to an 18" display. Windows 10 would be much better suited to go on this tablet, and it would probably lag much less than Samsung's flavor of android.

24. TSMan2

Posts: 363; Member since: Aug 20, 2015

This is just an affordable all-in-one PC meant for schools or such. But hey....bashing Samsung must go on. Right? If it has had a phone functionality the tech media would gladly call it GIGANTIC smartphone. To serve Apple even better. See how they mock at the camera just because is there. LOL

31. javy108

Posts: 1004; Member since: Jul 27, 2014

noler youre so right.

23. phljcnth

Posts: 557; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

Or maybe this is a foldable one!

2. NexusX

Posts: 613; Member since: May 16, 2013

Samsungs strategy on taking on apple: Just make it bigger

10. TSMan2

Posts: 363; Member since: Aug 20, 2015

This is all-in-one PC, and Apple have it bigger, By the way iPhone 6+ is bigger than Note , even with smaller display. And Apple copy Samsung's Tab 12.2" with the new iPad Pro is 12.9"

25. NexusX

Posts: 613; Member since: May 16, 2013

Apple made the iPad, apple started the high resolution race, apple started fingerprint scanner, nobody cared about NFC until apple started implementing it, Samsung only made a smartwatch because they heard rumors of apple making it. if you wanna start the who made it first argument. Samsung obviously heard rumors about the ipad pro, and they know they cannot compete with ipad in the market for large tablet so they sized up to 18 inch. Everything Samsung does is heavily influenced by apple, they are nothing but a electronic manufacturer with deep pockets, but no vision Why you keep defending Samsung, even the court has found them guilty. Samsung fans are the most verbal and annoying people on this website

29. Ordinary

Posts: 2454; Member since: Apr 23, 2015

lol at this

30. DefinitelyNotATroll

Posts: 13; Member since: Aug 13, 2015

Any credibility you had was gone at "Apple started fingerprint scanner"

33. hwb01

Posts: 355; Member since: Apr 17, 2014

Or when he used apple and high resolution together

36. Avishek

Posts: 46; Member since: Sep 25, 2014

"Nobody cares NFC until apple implemented it". Are you f**king nuts .And how is that nfc on apple thing so cool to you,in which even u cannot share data except the payment which is only used in very few of countries in the world are u talking about??


Posts: 21; Member since: Aug 17, 2015

More like an ultra portable TV that is mainly used in the kitchen and a small bedroom.

5. wando77

Posts: 1168; Member since: Aug 23, 2012

I call BS

7. Mizraab

Posts: 26; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

18inch with just 5700mah. Good going.

35. o0Exia0o

Posts: 903; Member since: Feb 01, 2013

1 hour SOT....

8. TSMan2

Posts: 363; Member since: Aug 20, 2015

Well, we all know that this is actually all-in-one PC, but hey....bashing Samsung must do on. Right.]?

9. fizzlington

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 18, 2015

The pixel density needs to be read in accordance with how far away you'll be looking at it. I doubt you'll be holding an 18" tablet at the same distance as your phone.

11. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

I would love to try Asphalt Airborne one this one! Maybe Modern Combat too...

12. Nathan_ingx

Posts: 4769; Member since: Mar 07, 2012

I would love to try Asphalt Airborne one this one! Maybe Modern Combat too...

13. superkuiken

Posts: 168; Member since: Mar 24, 2013

Please at least make it a 4k screen. It is a touchscreen, so it will be close to your face. The 120ppi is horrible and unpleasant.

16. 99nights

Posts: 1152; Member since: Mar 10, 2015

Too big.

17. mixedfish

Posts: 1563; Member since: Nov 17, 2013

A product like this already exists, it's called the Sony Vaio Tap 20/21.

19. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

they should put 15000mAh battery, and playing racing or FPS game in this thing will be a new kind of workout.. (it will be better if they make graphic tablet to compete with wacom cintiq)

20. xdza1979

Posts: 296; Member since: Aug 08, 2015

This is more of experimental.

21. An.Awesome.Guy

Posts: 636; Member since: Jan 12, 2015

I think they should make a word for these Tablet/TV or Tablet/PC stuff . i mean there is the Phablet what about that 18.3' device ? :P

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