Samsung's Galaxy S to land on T-Mobile?

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Samsung's Galaxy S to land on T-Mobile?
With so many sexy hot HTC Android models on the verge of being launched, the Galaxy S stands out. Not only is the handset blazing fast with its Hummingbird processor, but it also is manufactured by Samsung. As we've recently reported, it looks like AT&T will be offering the phone to its customers later this year. But new info makes it look like T-Mobile's customers will also have the opportunity of holding the Galaxy in their hands. The Bluetooth SIG just approved the SCH-T959, a combination of letters and numbers that usually indicates a Samsung handset for the nation's fourth largest carrier. The thing is, the T959 could pass for the twin of the Galaxy S with a 4 inch AMOLED display, Wi-Fi (the Galaxy S has just been certified for it), Android OS and TouchWiz 3.0. So, this all points to a version of the handset for T-Mobile. Now, there are a couple of typos. At one point the phone is referred to as the T939 which is actually the Behold II. That model has a 3.2 inch display, not a 4 inch one. The user agent for the T959 shows resolution of 320 x 480 on its display which is obviously another mistake. Eliminate the typos and what you end up with is fairly strong evidence that Samsung's Galaxy is wider than just AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications | Hands-on

source: BluetoothSIG via UnwiredView



1. dyster

Posts: 63; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

Lucky dogs! I wish VZW could get this one.

9. world1-1

Posts: 11; Member since: Apr 09, 2009


2. jrcrow79

Posts: 477; Member since: May 02, 2008

I cant stand samsung!...phones r too brick-ish and user interface is never great not to mention nothing is a UI intuitive or sensitive as my iphone 3gs! FYI

3. invno1

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

VZW gets the htc Incredible April 29th. So don't be upset about not getting a crappy samsung. The incredible will be sweet. At least everyone is getting good android phones right now. Except T-mobile, as usual. Tmo was first to start android, and now can't get a good phone to support it. The good ones are hitting all the other carriers. As usual. Getting used to the fact that Tmo continually gets the shaft. However, coverage is awesome and can't beat the prices!

4. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

i dont care about their interface. touchwiz 3.0 is their answer to motoblur, and it looks interesting... but irrigardless ill probably wait till they hack other roms onto it. What they dont mention is the raw horsepower on this phone. Its got about 1/3rd of the power of a PS3 to push polygons... which was like double what the nexus could do and tripple or quadruple what an iphone can do. Take that with the newest AMOLED version 2 screens and its bigger than a nexus but smaller than an HD2 and it smells like pure win to me. If the incredible doesnt come to Tmobile this phone better. I need me a high end android toy!!

5. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

I'm not getting my hopes up for this as Samsung just seems like they just hop on the bandwagon and come out with phones with good specs but are never good in real life. The Behold 1 was garbage. I'm a Tmo rep and I've seen plenty of customers with that phone who have had to do exchanges every 3 months because the phone would start crapping out on them. Recently Samsung sent me a free Behold 2. I'm a huge Android fan and I've always thought the Behold 2 was sorta weird and slow Wiz/Android interface. Even after rooting it and flashing the Galaxy 1.6 ROM, it was still less responsive than an unrooted myTouch or G1. To this day I still refuse to sell that phone to customers. This phone "seems" to be good but I don't want to get my hopes up. Samsung always figure out a way to put crappy software on their phones which have decent hardware i.e. everything on the Behold 2.

6. dyster

Posts: 63; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

I'm in no way upset. The Samsung monitors & TV's I have rock. I plan to retire my BB Curve when INC is available. I have not had the opp to really use android other than the VZW store and have never seen a touchwiz UI. It just seems with the Gal S, the bar was raised a bit. Does any other phone come close in display or general specs? I was in Best Buy 3 weeks ago & the rep tried to sell me the Devour (I was looking at Storm 2). Immensely glad I waited. I'll miss Blackberry until I get used to Android.

7. dyster

Posts: 63; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

As far as styling, did Samsung REALLY need to make this phone look like an iPhone knock-off?

8. deeoh1084

Posts: 50; Member since: Dec 30, 2009

ALRIGHT!!!!! i was actually jealous of AT&T customers because they were the ones that was getting the Galaxy S.. but now i can get it for T-Mobile!! YES!!!! but i heard some rumors that T-Mobile was going to get the Galaxy S Pro (which is one with the keyboard) but i guess the rumor is wrong... just regular Galaxy S.... which is still not bad

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