Samsung to provide competition to HTC in the Android segment by the third quarter of 2009?

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Samsung to provide competition to HTC in the Android segment by the third quarter of 2009?
With the G1 already on the market for months, the HTC Magic due out in Europe as soon as next month, and rumors of a new G2 model to be officially revealed soon, HTC is the leader in producing Android powered handsets. But the manufacturer soon could have competition from Samsung as the latter manufacturer wants to start competing with the Taiwanese firm as soon as the third quarter of this year, and at the same time, become a top 5 producer of handsets using Google's open source OS. To get the ball rolling, DigiTimes is reporting that leaked information from Samsung shows that their first Android based model (is it this one?) will resemble the Magic and both will use Qualcomm's 3.5G chipset. A launch date, carrier availability, and pricing all were not mentioned. As we reported, HTC won't be sitting on their laurels as they plan on producing two additional Android models in 2009 besides the Magic, according to company president and CEO Peter Chou who revealed this at a Merrill Lynch technology conference in Taipei. With all of this talk about producing more Android handsets, the winner is certainly going to be cellphone users everywhere.

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source: DigiTimes


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1. DonLouie

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I can't wait, it's coming to my carrier SPRINT

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