HTC with at least three Android phones for this year?

HTC with at least three Android phones for this year?
As you probably know, the Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC Corp, is the largest Windows Mobile smartphone manufacturer. Strange as it may seem, due to fact that other companies have not yet rolled out their Android projects (and still others have cancelled theirs), HTC is also the largest Android phone manufacturer, leading the chart with just one device, namely the G1. However, it seems that if things are going on this way, the situation in the end of the year may not be very different. It is said that at a Merrill Lynch technology conference, held in Taipei, the executive has been asked whether the rumors that HTC is to release five new handsets, running Google’s OS, were true. To this, Peter Chou, HTC CEO, has said that his company plans to release “at least” three Android-powered devices in the course of this year. Indeed, three sounds a lot more real to us, that’s for sure. The first one, the HTC Magic, which is more like a QWERTY-less variant of the G1, will soon be available with Vodafone in Europe, let’s just hope that the company will manage to deliver the other phones on time and that they would be more interesting.

source: PCWorld via EngadgetMobile

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