Samsung prepping a tool for game streamers, download link inside

Samsung prepping a tool for game streamers, download link inside
So game streaming is a pretty lucrative to make some money (or lots of money) — you get to do what you love for hours each day and gain a following for it. Well, it sounds much, much simpler than it actually is. But even if you don't aspire to become the next PewDiePie, you may still find some enjoyment in streaming your gameplay and interacting with viewers. And, with games slowly, but surely becoming more “serious” on mobile devices, it's expected that phone game streams will also become a thing in the very near future.

We've already seen hints that Apple may be preparing for such times with a suspected traces of a screen broadcasting feature found in the latest beta of iOS 11. Now, it seems Samsung is doing the same. A Sammy app, called Game Live, that is specifically dedicated to game streaming over Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook has been spotted on APK Mirror. It's obviously still in beta and you won't find it in the Play Store, but if you are feeling adventurous — you can find the link below.

Now, don't get mixed up here — Samsung does have that Game Launcher app, which came with the Galaxy S7, that has a “Record screen” feature. Sammy's phones have also been able to broadcast your camera feed to YouTube live, yes. However, this new app will allow you to stream your gameplay live, directly to your viewers. You can choose whether you want the broadcasted audio to include your microphone or not and are limited to 200 minutes or 4 GB of video per session.

How does this sound? Would you stream a mobile game? Would you watch a stream dedicated to certain mobile games?

via: Reddit

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