Samsung is asking suppliers and employees to prevent Galaxy S8 leaks from surfacing

Samsung is asking suppliers and employees to prevent Galaxy S8 leaks from surfacing
With the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco having caused severe harm to Samsung's profit and reputation, the world's largest smartphone manufacturer has a lot riding on its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. We've already heard a fair share of early rumors regarding the S8, but it looks like top-ranking Samsung executives are now doing their best to prevent future leaks and rumors from surfacing online.

According to a report published today in the Korea Herald, Samsung managers are now urging both employees and third-party suppliers to prevent any potential Galaxy S8 leaks.

In an alleged internal email, Samsung has asked its employees to closely follow security measures so as to prevent the leakage of operational secrets. Here's an alleged extract from the email:

The same report moves on to quote an official from an external supplier. The message is clear: keep mum on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Allegedly, the unnamed official said:

A few years ago, smartphone manufacturers were able to keep their upcoming devices a secret until launch day. In modern times, however, not a single major smartphone is announced without us knowing nearly everything there is to know about it. As far as we're concerned, we doubt that Samsung will be able to prevent information on the S8 from rearing its head online given the leak culture of today's global society. However, we'll have to wait and see if Samsung can reverse this trend.

What do you guys think, will Samsung be able to keep its upcoming Galaxy S8 a secret until the day of the official announcement?

source: Korea Herald

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