Samsung has responses for Android users to send to green bubble haters

Samsung has responses for Android users to send to green bubble haters
Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even Mac users know that when they are using the Messages app to communicate with others using the Apple ecosystem, they are sending and receiving iMessages. This is signified by the blue bubble that the conversations are housed in. And iMessages are encrypted from end-to-end. But when someone using an Apple device sees their conversation in a green bubble it means that the person on the other side of the chat is probably using an Android device. The green bubble means that the conversation is being handled as a SMS or a text message. Besides the lack of encryption, the special features offered for those chatting via iMessage (such as Animoji) cannot be used. And that doesn't sit well with many iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac users.

If you use an Android device and are sick and tired of getting scolded by your Apple wielding buddies in the middle of a group or individual chat simply because they can't use iMessage, Samsung has your back. The manufacturer has created a GIPHY page (via The Verge) containing more than 30 GIFs that you can use to send back a salvo after taking a hit from a green bubble hater.

Perhaps one day in the future, people won't be discriminated against simply because they create a green text bubble instead of a blue one on a device screen. Would Apple ever offer iMessage to Android users? We wouldn't hold our breathe.

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