Samsung giving iPhone 4 users a free Galaxy S in UK

Samsung giving some iPhone 4 users a free Galaxy S in UK
How can another handset manufacturer take advantage of the iPhone 4's connectivity issues? How about by giving out free samples of its flagship handset to those who have problems with their new iPhone. A Twitter account titled @samsungukmobile has been sending out return tweets to those who have purchased an iPhone 4 and have been plagued by reception problems. After receiving contact information, the Korean based company then puts its top-of-the-line Android model in the mail.

For example, one Tiffany Nieuwland told Wired that she and her iPhone 4 were constantly together and she had no problems with the device for the first month when all of a sudden, the phone dropped calls and soon she was unable to make or receive a call and could not send a text message. Ms. Nieuwland explains that she, "...did what anyone else would do: I vented my frustration on Twitter. Imagine my surprise, then, when this morning I am tweeted by Samsung offering me a free Galaxy S, their latest phone.  Too good to be true? I decided to investigate. I called a friend at Samsung, and though she was initially sceptical, it has now been confirmed: the campaign is legit. Samsung is so confident about the superiority of the Galaxy S that they’re sending free ones to existing iPhone customers so they can decide for themselves." Tiffany had been mulling over the idea of switching to Android, as she added, "I’ve been waiting for an excuse to try out an Android for months, but it is yet to be seen if I can be persuaded to stray."

The official word from Samsung U.K. is that they have heard complaints from people who have purchased a competitor's phone and have decided to offer a free Galaxy S to a "cross-section" of individuals and
that "...once people have the phone in their hands, they'll see how impressive it is for themselves." As for those disgruntled iPhone 4 buyers in the States, for their sake, let's hope that Samsung's U.S. arm is as generous.

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source: Wired, Gizmodo

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