Samsung drops lawsuit against Apple

Samsung drops lawsuit against Apple
According to a report from Bloomberg, Samsung has dropped its patent infringement lawsuit against Apple which had claimed that the latter had taken many of its ideas from Samsung while infringing on the Korean firm's patents. The suit was dropped on Thursday, according to Bloomberg, and company spokesman Nam Ki Yung said the action was taken in order to "streamline" the proceedings.

As we had told you, Apple had originally sued Samsung claiming that the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets
"slavishly" copies the Apple iPhone and iPad. Samsung countersued and both firms demanded to see each others products. While Apple was allowed to look at the already released Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1, the court denied the Korean manufacturers request to see the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 3, both works in progress. Samsung wants to make sure that Apple is not infringing on any of its patents in the making of the two devices.

As we reported, just a couple of days ago Samsung filed a complaint against Apple with the U.S. ITC after the latter filed a suit against Samsung in Korean court. And while Apple remains one of Samsung's biggest customers, industry sources say that Apple is dropping the Korean firm as a manufacturer for its A6 chip and replacing the company with TSMC.

Samsung dropping the suit doesn't mean victory for Apple. Samsung says it will continue to fight for its patent rights through a counterclaim made against Apple in an earlier suit filed in San Jose.

source: Bloomberg via Reuters
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