Samsung division to provide dual camera modules for Xiaomi, LeEco and Oppo

According to a report from the Korea Herald, a division of Samsung is going to supply Xiaomi, LeEco and Oppo with dual camera modules starting next month. While Samsung Electro Mechanics does provide single camera modules to Xiaomi, it appears that the company will be shipping dual camera modules for the unannounced Xiaomi Mi 5s. According to the Herald, that phone will be unveiled during the second half of this year.

Besides Xiaomi, Samsung Electro Mechanics will peddle its wares to LeEco. The former LeTV is planning to make "a big splash" when it enters the U.S. market later this year. That splash apparently includes selling handsets with a dual camera setup on back. Another handset manufacturer that is reportedly using the dual camera modules from Samsung Electro Mechanics is Oppo. The latter is the fourth largest smartphone producer globally.

This new business is lowering the Samsung division's reliance on home cooking. Last year, Samsung Electro Mechanics booked 61.8% of its orders from parent company Samsung. Reducing that percentage by adding more non-Samsung business can only make this division stronger. With more smartphone manufacturers turning to a dual camera setup for the back of their phones, revenue should grow higher and higher for this provider of electronic and mechanical components.

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source: KoreaHerald via CNET

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