Samsung debunks the myth that the flexible Galaxy Skin phone is anything but a concept render

Samsung debunks the myth that the flexible Galaxy Skin is anything but a concept render
Oh, come on now! It looks that International Business Times has been engaged in some wishful thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Skin flexible phone concept, when it said Samsung is preparing it for launch in Q2 of 2012. 

That's the period when Samsung plans to have production-ready flexible OLED screens, so the publication probably engaged in some extrapolating to tie this timeframe with the launch of a flexible phone from Samsung.

After the news circled around the blogosphere, the Korean company's PR was forced to come up with an official statement that the Galaxy Skin is merely a concept render, created as a project in a Seoul university school of design, and allegedly shown to Samsung representatives when it was taking part in an exhibit:

We are at least two years away from designs similar to the Galaxy Skin concept, but Samsung could definitely take note of the naming and the eventual Android Flexy platform idea for bendable handsets. The fact that Samsung researchers managed to create a bendable display that doesn't leave a crease in the middle when folded gives us hope... for 2013.

source: T3
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