Samsung Galaxy Skin concept combines flexible AMOLED display with bendable batteries for twisted fun

Samsung Galaxy Skin concept combines flexible AMOLED display with bendable batteries for twisted fun
Now don't raise your hopes too high that we will be seeing such a phone in the near future, but the designer Heyon You has drawn a pretty great concept of what Samsung might do with its flexible AMOLED displays one day.

The concept is called Samsung Galaxy Skin, since it flexes, bends and adjusts to the task at hand. There are two fairly rigid sides, and a flexible screen in the middle, so that a number of shapes and poses variations are possible, depending whether you are listening to music, using the GPS in your car, or projecting images from the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Skin is also meant to be super thin and to use a special version of Google's mobile OS, called Android Flexy, which adjusts the interface according to the phone's current position and the app it is running, as in the renders below:

We'd straight out dismiss this concept as the usual designer daydreaming, not so much because of the extended flexible display radius shown in the concept (we are sure Samsung will be improving on that more and more), but mainly because we thought that batteries will be rigid in the foreseeable future. Flexible printed circuits are finding their way both in the lab and in real life applications, but batteries?!

Now Stanford university came out with a transparent Li-Ion battery that is also quite flexible, and will be perfect for placing into a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Skin one day.

The good part is that these flexible batteries retain capacity almost as good as the metal collector-based ones we use in our smnartphones now, and are not going to cost much more to manufacture either. Watch the transparent flexible batteries demo in the Stanford video below, and dream of the times we will have phones like the Samsung Galaxy Skin concept in our hands.

source: Yankodesign & Ubergizmo

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