Samsung Gear Live pays iFixit a visit, it's as easy to repair as a Samsung Gear 2

We already showed you iFixit's teardown of the LG G Watch, and now it's time for its Android Wear archrival, the Samsung Gear Live, to receive the disassembling treatment. Of course, the iFixit team has already tinkered with the insides of Samsung's newest wearable and it seems that it is pretty repair-friendly. All of its hardware components are easily accessible and most of them can be changed without much hassle. Still, we wouldn't advise you to do this on your own if you are of the inexperienced type.

iFixit awards the Samsung Gear Live with a repairability score of 8 out of 10, which is nonetheless a pretty decent score - the Gear Live is on par with its distant relative, the Samsung Gear 2, which also scored 8 out of 10. Compared with the G Watch (which got 9 out of 10), however, the Gear Live trails behind.

It is notable to say that iFixit found a mysterious Wi-Fi antenna inside the Gear Live (you can spot it on slide #10). Its purpose is unknown (the wearable doesn't have Wi-Fi capabilities), but iFixit speculates that Samsung might be "hiding something for the future". We can only guess what that could be.

Without further ado, take a look at the insides of the wearable below. Don't forget to check out our review of the Samsung Gear Live, too!

source: iFixit


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