Samsung Gear 2 gets disassembled – the wearable can be easily repaired!

Samsung Gear 2 gets disassembled – the wearable can be easily repaired!
The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is about to be released worldwide in just two days, but we can already peer into its insides thanks to iFixit. The hardware components of the Tizen-powered gadget appear to be easily accessible, as it takes just a screwdriver to disassemble the Gear 2. Surprisingly, most of the components of the wearable are not held together with glue – Samsung decided that a simple foam tape here and there would suffice and do the job.

iFixit praises the Samsung Gear 2 for its effortless repairability. It appears that the battery of the Gear 2 as well as its 2MP camera are easily accessible – it shouldn't be hard to change them if you need to do so. The mainboard of Samsung's wearable is positioned below these and iFixit says it won't be hard at all to gain access to it.

Still, the display of the wearable appears to be glued to the display assembly. This means that you will have to get a new assembly if you break your screen – a difficult, costly task.

iFixit's verdict for the Samsung Gear 2? It scores 8 out of 10, which is an impressive result.

Behold the teardown of the wearable below.

source: iFixit via Engadget


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