Samsung Galaxy S6 edge arriving with scratches, dead pixels and other damage

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge arriving with scratches, dead pixels and other damage
Imagine coming home from work and finding the box with your new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge waiting for you by the door. You open the box, boot up the device for the first time, and discover dead pixels and scratches on the screen. That is the experience of someone with the handle rhcpcjg who posted about this on the XDA website. When he had a second phone sent overnight to him from T-Mobile, it arrived in the same condition.Both phones have been returned and this chap has decided to stick with his Apple iPhone 6.

Lest you think that this was an isolated event, other XDA posters reported that their Samsung Galaxy S6 edge also arrived in a similar condition. Judging from some of the responses to the thread,these problems appear to be of such a significant concern that many have decided to hold off on ordering the phone. Most of the posters complaining about the scratched screen and dead pixels are angry that they spent such a large sum of money for a device that was far from pristine when it arrived.

If you recently received your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and there were issues with the phone out of the box, let us know by dropping your comments below. Did you ask for a replacement? Did that unit arrive in perfect condition? By going through all the data, perhaps it can be determined if this is Samsung's fault or if the problem lies with another party.


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