Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom cameraphone confirmed by Bluetooth SIG filing, to sport 10x optical zoom


Not that it should come as any surprise, but the upcoming Galaxy S4 Zoom SM-C101 cameraphone is allegedly going to sport a hearty 10x optical zoom, according to a Russian analyst who's leaked quite a few Samsung-based rumors lately, like predicting the Galaxy Core introduction not long ago.

Dmitry Ryabinin now claims that the S4 Zoom will actually resemble more the upcoming S4 Mini, rather than the flagship S4, meaning it will have smaller screen than Samsung's finest. Last we heard the Zoom is supposed to have a 4.3" display and a 16 MP snapping unit, which might be directly borrowed from the Galaxy Camera. The S4 Zoom also appeared in the Bluetooth SIG filing above recently, so it seems to indeed be on track for late May announcement and June launch.

Galaxy Camera, however, sports 21x optical zoom, but we guess to keep the dimensions more suitable for a phone in your pocket, Samsung dialed down on the zooming mechanics. We don't know if or what optical zoom the upcoming Sony i1 handset will sport, and the Nokia Lumia EOS is expected to feature the lossless zoom of the 808 PureView, so Samsung might manage to differentiate the S4 Zoom enough for it to stand out against any upcoming cameraphone this year, especially if it manages to keep the dimensions in check, and the pics stellar.

source: (translated) & via UnwiredView

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