Every future smartphone should "steal" this stunning Samsung Galaxy S20 feature

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Every future smartphone should "steal" this stunning Samsung Galaxy S20 feature
I already demonstrated the staggering difference between 60Hz and 120Hz displays, which can be best seen in slo-mo video footage, and despite the fact that I expressed my totally subjective disdain for the Galaxy S20 Ultra's bland design, there's one feature that I am absolutely enamored with. It's not an exclusive Galaxy S20 feature per se, but I reckon that every future flagship smartphone, no matter the brand, should have this feature on deck if it wants to keep up with the times. 

I'm talking about high-refresh rate displays.

I've exclusively used phones with high-refresh rate displays for the past few months, namely the OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro with 90Hz displays, and honestly, that was more than enough to ruin regular 60Hz phones for me. What the new Samsung flagships bring to the table is even higher, 120Hz displays, and these feel even smoother than the 90Hz ones I am used to. But that 120Hz Samsung display is definitely on an upper level. 

Don't fall easy prey to naysayers — there's discernible difference between the 60Hz and 120hz refresh rates, and yes, you can definitely notice it. People that claim there's no difference are either lying to themselves or have never actually played with Samsung's new flagships. 

There's night and day difference between the Galaxy S20-series and last year's Samsung flagships (Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series) all because of that super-smooth display. Granted, Samsung wasn't the first to bring high-refresh rate displays to the smartphone market — this honor goes out to Razer, Asus, OnePlus, and Google among others — but it has the potential to "educate" customers and show them that displays with high refresh rates are most likely the next big thing. 

I hope that every future smartphone, with a big emphasis on the next-gen iPhone, should "steal" this quality-of-life feature. The unparalleled smoothness makes using your phone infinitely more satisfying, and even the mundane task of scrolling through long lists becomes enjoyable when experience in >60Hz refresh rate.

Yes, it takes a slight toll on battery life, but it's well worth it in my opinion. Once you use it, you'll know why. 

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