Samsung Galaxy S III is gaining on the Apple iPhone 5 in mobile web usage

Samsung Galaxy S III is gaining on the Apple iPhone 5 in mobile web usage
Chitika's mobile ad network allows them to have a special insight when it comes to looking at certain data and trends. Back in October, the Apple iPhone 5 held an eight percentage point lead over the Samsung Galaxy S III when looking at comparative web share between the two phones. Now, the lead is down to two measly percentage points. That is the latest data from Chitika based on tens of millions of mobile ad impressions that were sent over Chitika's network in the U.S. and Canada from February 1st through February 9th.

Taking a step back and looking at the whole picture, the Apple iPhone 5 accounted for 6.6% of web traffic with the Samsung Galaxy S III at 6.3%. Including all active models of the Apple iPhone, the Cupertino based firm's iconic smartphone has a 41.5% web share, down 4.5% from October. During the same time period, Samsung's web share overall has risen to 20.6% from 17%. But something is going on under the surface. While together, Apple and Samsung accounted for 62.1% with the February data, that is down about 1% since October. That means that some of the other platforms are gaining share, albeit a small amount.

Perhaps the most impressive information from Chitika was that iOS 6 already accounts for 83% of iOS web share. That build of iOS was just launched in September.

source: Chitika via AppleInsider

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