Samsung Galaxy S II graphics processor found to be fastest among current smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S II graphics processor found to be fastest among current smartphones
We didn't have high hopes or hard numbers for the Mali-400 GPU desinged by ARM that found its way in Samsung's first dual-core chipset Exynos, but going with PowerVR was obviously no longer possible in light of the battles between Apple and Samsung.

The last year's finest Apple A4 and Samsung Humingbird both utilized PowerVR, but this year the new dual-core chipsets A5 and Exynos went separate ways with both the architecture and the graphics subsystems.

AnandTech, however, compared the Mali-400 GPU performance, and found it to be better than other graphics chips in current high-end smartphones, including for the Adreno 220 GPU as found in Qualcomm's Snpadragon S3 in phones like the HTC Sensation 4G or HTC EVO 3D, for example. Still, the performance of Mali-400 gives way to the complex PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics subsystem in the Apple A5 dual-core silicon, as found in the iPad 2, just as expected. 

Apple will most likely go with this A5 chipset for its next iPhone (s) as well, so the graphics reign of Exynos among smartphones might not last much longer, but about that time we will have either a TI OMAP4460 or a more souped up Exynos version in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, so the next iPhone will probably be compared to their metrics.

source: AnandTech


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