Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could be priced at over $1100 in China

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could be priced at over $1100 in China
Allegedly a China Mobile employee who posts on Weibo, "Jack_Zhu Njie" recently revealed that the Samsung Galxy Note Edge could have a retail price as high as $1139 USD in China. This is the variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that includes extra screen space as the glass curves over the right side of the device, a perfect place to put notifications and status bar information (like battery strength, signal bars, etc.). Volume and power controls can go virtual on the extra real-estate, and the "Edge" can be used as a stock ticker or as a news reader.

If "Jack_Zhu Njie" is right, the retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is going to be prohibitive for many consumers in the country. And there is a chance that other carriers in China will offer it at an even higher price. Consider that last year, China Mobile sold the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $882 USD. China Telecom and China Unicom both priced the phablet at $944 USD.

The original post on Weibo by the alleged China Mobile employee has been taken down, and replaced with a new one that lists a launch date of September 26th for the Galaxy Note Edge in China. That would be much earlier than anticipated. Originally, we were expecting the device to see the light of day after the mid October launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

An analyst at Hyundai Securities expects just 1 million units of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to ship this year. Part of the problem is that building this phone is complicated. Also playing a role in the low shipping estimate is the question of how much demand there is for this device. Does the consumer need the extra space from the wrap-around screen? Is it a useful addition to the phone? After the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has been around for awhile, we should have a much better idea of how much the consumer experience is enhanced by the unique display.

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source: Weibo (1), (2) via GforGames

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