Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G now available from U.S. Cellular as an entry-level LTE enabled model

Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G now available from U.S. Cellular as an entry-level LTE enabled model
Last April, we told you about a number of new names that Samsung had registered and one of the names was the 'Galaxy Metrix'. Fast forward four months ahead and the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G is being added to the lineup at U.S. Cellular.  The side-slider is equipped with a 4 inch Super AMOLED display and has a single-core 1GHz processor under the hood. A 4GB microSD card is included in the box and the handset has a 5MP camera on back and a 1.3MP shooter up front. Android 2.3 is installed, so there is no Ice Cream Sandwich here. The unit has 4G LTE connectivity.

U.S. Cellular is asking you to lay out $229 for the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G in black, although $100 of that comes back to you in the form of a rebate. Take note that if you are a new U.S. Cellular customer, you are tying yourself up with a 2-year contract at that price. Current U.S. Cellular customers do not have to sign an additional contract after the first 2-year pact expires. And if you desire the white version of the phone, your after rebate cost is $179.

For current U.S. Cellular customers with a student heading back to school, or for the first time smartphone buyer, this would be a great deal, especially with the lack of handcuffs. For new customers, asking you to be tied up for 2 years with this device might be too much to ask for.

If the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G grabs your attention, you can get more information by clicking on the sourcelink.

source: U.S.Cellular via SlashGear



1. CivicSi89

Posts: 349; Member since: Jul 23, 2011

So. The Sprint Epic 4G. Which became the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S Stratosphere 4G. Which Became this. How many times is this phone gonna launch?!? lol

2. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

My thoughts exactly, I was thinking it looked a LOT like the Epic, except without sprint on it. The only difference from the specs is LTE and it has a 1.3 MP Front instead of VGA front, everything else is down to the T.

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