First cases of broken Galaxy Z Flips

First cases of broken Galaxy Z Flips
It hasn’t been long since Samsung announced the new Galaxy Z Flip and we are already receiving some concerning information regarding its durability.

As we reported yesterday, there was a case of a broken display after removing the care instructions film of the device. Apparently the user didn’t do anything other than close the phone when he heard the cracking sound and found out the display was broken. However, he received a replacement by Samsung right away.

This incident, as well as the durability test done by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything (the glass appeared to melt by being near a lighter, like plastic), inclined people to believe that the display was not made of glass as Samsung had initially announced.

However, Max Weinbach said on Twitter that the display was made of glass protected by a layer of plastic on top of it, which meant that Samsung hadn’t lied, it just hadn’t been completely honest.

Unfortunately, MSPoweruser has brought to our attention another case of a problem with the Z Flip, shared on Twitter again. Quinn Nelson, a reviewer, published a video complaining about an unpleasant sound that the device was making when he was pressing its screen.

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However, some people were not convinced, as the sound is hardly audible from the video. The reviewer is reporting to have just used the phone normally for a day. However, in the tweet thread, he mentions having put the device in sand for a meme photo while being careful not to get sand near its sensitive parts. Do you consider that normal usage or could that have done something to the device’s folding mechanism?

We don’t have any information regarding other cases of broken Z Flips by everyday use at the moment. Samsung has not reported anything on the situation either. It’s important to note that the YouTuber JerryRigEverything reported that he was overall impressed with the Galaxy Z Flip for a foldable phone and he was not completely disappointed by it.

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