Role reversal: Motorola name in on smartphones while Lenovo fades out

Role reversal: Motorola name in on smartphones while Lenovo fades out
After purchasing Motorola from Google back in 2014, Lenovo decided that it would slowly phase out the Motorola name. But how do you eliminate the name of the company that invented the cellphone? By using the name Moto by Lenovo, the latter was able to inject a bit of Motorola's legacy into Lenovo's` growing popularity in the East. Throw in the iconic batwings logo, and you have a device that still can be recognized as a Motorola product throughout the world.

Take a look at the current Moto flagship, the Moto Z Force. The only identifying marks include the Moto name above the fingerprint scanner, and the logo etched on the back of the handset. Even the peculiar television ad for the Moto Z and Moto Z Force that rhetorically asks "Did Moto just make the smartest smartphone yet?" made it clear that Moto by Lenovo was the new name that Lenovo was going to use on smartphones.

But something has changed inside Lenovo. According to comments from Motorola's chief marketing officer Jan Huckfeldt that were published today, the Motorola brand is not only coming back, but will be stronger than ever. Huckfeldt says that the Lenovo name is being faded out on handsets everywhere but India. It actually is a smart move by Lenovo. If you want to sell a large number of smartphones, you need to employ all of the assets you have available at your disposal. The Motorola name and batwings logo are assets that can be used to generate sales.

"We want everyone to immediately recognize a Motorola phone," says Huckfeldt. To that end, a recently leaked road map shows that in 2017, the Moto line will consist of 5 lines (Z, X, G, E, C), all with a very similar look and style. The Motorola executive states, "Where they zig, we're going to zag. When less is more, we want 'more is more.'"

source: AndroidCentral

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