Razer Phone vs Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30: specs comparison

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Razer Phone vs Galaxy Note 8 vs LG V30: specs comparison
So, Razer has first dropped its first handset – the... well, the Razer Phone. A super-powered handset that's supposed to please gamers, or users that just demand the best possible performance on an Android device. But the Razer Phone doesn't have any sort of exclusive chip, like the Nvidia Tegra that was in the Nvidia Shield before it. In fact, it comes with the “mainstream” Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 — the flagship SoC that's on most top-tier phones out there right now.

So, what does Razer have more than the competition? Well, stereo speakers will probably enhance mobile gaming experience, the design favors dual-hand operation in landscape mode for prolonged periods, 120 Hz refresh rate on its Ultramotion display for super-smooth animations and response, you've got 8 GB of RAM on board, which is just insanely over the top right now, and a rather huge 4,000 mAh battery.

Looking at the most-popular, top-tier Android phones that were recently released — the LG V20 and the Galaxy Note 8 — we've got 4 GB and 6 GB of RAM, respectively, 3,300 mAh batteries, no stereo speakers, and the “standard” 60 Hz displays. Of course, the LG V20 has its quad-DAC, which might attract audiophiles, and its enhanced photo- and video-editing features, while the Note 8 has its S Pen and productivity apps and features that are tied to it. So, while the Razer Phone looks like it excels when it comes to raw power, the other two devices have their own quirks to set them apart. Which one would you go for?

Razer Phone vs LG V30 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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