Qualcomm all but confirms a 'performance' Snapdragon in HTC 10

Qualcomm's fastest Snapdragon 820 chipset has landed in most flagships this season (save for makers that produce their own silicon like Huawei or Samsung), and HTC won't be an exception, it seems. Come next Tuesday, April 12th, HTC is expected to unveil its newest darling, the so-called "10" handset, and Qualcomm just couldn't hold its bragging long enough.

The chip-maker boasted on Twitter that enigmatic "Performance 10" header you see above, but we've been bombarded with too much of those teasers in the past few days by HTC itself to be fooled that Qualcomm is just flashing its chipsets performance for no reason. The HTC 10 is said to sport Snapdragon 820, and the leaked renders depict exactly the same chassis outlines that Qualcomm is promoting here, so it's not hard to connect the dots, though we'll know for sure once HTC takes the stage this coming Tuesday.

source: Qualcomm

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  • Display 5.2 inches
    2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Camera 12 MP (Single camera)
    5 MP front
  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM
  • Storage 32GB, microSDXC
  • Battery 3000 mAh
  • OS Android 8.0 Oreo
    HTC Sense UI



22. Sale247

Posts: 73; Member since: May 08, 2014

Well,in 36 hours we will see what is so much hype all about! I hope there is a real reason for all that and we will see another beast from HTC factory. GO HTC,wish you all the best!!

21. plasteek

Posts: 265; Member since: Jun 07, 2015


19. medicci37

Posts: 1361; Member since: Nov 19, 2011

It's the least Qualcomm can do after screwing Htc last year

20. FluffyBled unregistered

You're goddamn right!

18. AViator

Posts: 47; Member since: Apr 08, 2016

I still believe in you after all the broken promises. #hopelessromantic

16. TheDutchGuy unregistered

I hope HTC will survive. It's always better to have more competition. I have some good memories with the Desire Z and 601. All they need to improve is the camera and not put such a high price tag on their phones. I like their Sense UI the most, compared to the competition. Still I use a Galaxy S6, because for me the camera is the most important thing in a phone. Please HTC improve the camera.

12. sumpil

Posts: 91; Member since: Feb 02, 2016

I don't think HTC has ever created so much hype around a phone like they are doing recently, this must be a really good phone. They are making me excited.

5. RichardYarell

Posts: 67; Member since: Mar 24, 2016

my condolence for the desperation that HTC made, such a sad publicity it is

7. GrimJow

Posts: 27; Member since: Mar 24, 2016

You can keep your condolences to yourself.

8. Jimrod

Posts: 1607; Member since: Sep 22, 2014

I find him far more tolerable when you read his poor grammar in a Yoda voice.

11. perfectnine

Posts: 201; Member since: Mar 11, 2016

Can't wait to use the HTC 10 to smack that face of yours. If you don't like the phone, don't follow it. The amount of negativity coming from you is really uncalled for.

14. amats69

Posts: 1527; Member since: Nov 12, 2012

my condolences to your bitter life

4. Ashoaib

Posts: 3309; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

I hope that HTC will deliver on their claims... their past shows that they always failed to deliver... I hate their self proclaimed "best" word, because it turned out worst in the past...

3. hung2900

Posts: 966; Member since: Mar 02, 2012

I used to hate HTC and Sony for their ridiculous pricing (at least in my country). TBH I was somewhat happy to hear the bad financial result of HTC and Sony. However now I feel the smartphone market is too damn boring now without them. To choose a phone, there is almost 3 choices: Samsung, Apple and Chinese phones.

13. tiara6918

Posts: 2263; Member since: Apr 26, 2012

Now I'm opposite. I used to love htc and have had three flaghsip devices because of the stunning design but after seeing the rubbish cheap look of the 10, my current m9 will be my last htc phone

17. xperian

Posts: 421; Member since: Apr 10, 2014

Samsung and Apple prices are also ridiculous

2. Emzie

Posts: 22; Member since: Mar 28, 2016

HTC has a chance to restore old glory - Fingers crossed- all eyes on 12th

1. VAEZTechnology

Posts: 12; Member since: Jan 28, 2016

So excited for 12 April

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