Population in land of Android tripled in last 3 months

Population in land of Android tripled in last 3 months
Thanks to the tremendous reception received by Android phones like the Motorola DROID and the DROID Eris, the number of cellphone owners using Android tripled in number from September through December. This is based on ChangeWave's latest research report that shows that 4% of all users have a smartphone running one of the tasty versions of Google's open source OS, up 200% since September. Back then, only 6% of those looking to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days were looking to buy a model powered by Android. That number had jumped up to 21% by last month. Three months ago, among the dominant mobile OS, the little green robot was tied for last in consumer preference. Now, it is second only to the iPhone OS which lost 4% in the ratings. The combination of more consumers favoring Android and fewer wanting the iPhoneOS has led to an increase in Android's market share.

The biggest recipients of this surge in Android's popularity has been Motorola and HTC. Since September, Motorola has seen a 12% increase in the number of consumers looking to buy a Motorola model. That is the first increase for the Schaumburg based firm in 3 years. HTC's numbers went from 5% to 9% on the release of the DROID Eris and hype about the Nexus One which was launched the month after the survey was taken.

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source: ChangeWave via AndroidCommunity




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2. vzw fanman

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i'm not surprised. there are 2 great android devices on america's largest and most reliable network.

3. n0gar2

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It's not the Android, it's the phone.

4. PhoneUser

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OK i guess im going to say it... Why is it that when websites talk about "ANDRIOD" they ALWAYS talk bout the "Droid" and the "Eris"? Sprint had the HTC Hero way before the droid or the eris came out. Now before anyone starts saying "its cause the droid is the best phone ever" let me remind you that the Hero was the first phone ever in the US to come with Flash support. The Eris is just a remake version of the Hero. Hells they can even say thank you to the pioneer phone the "G1" but they dont, they always talk bout the Verizon android Phones. So why are these phones getting praised like its the first of its kind??? I guess i dont understand cause im not one to take sides.

5. Kiltlifter

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Phone, The reason no one talks about Sprint's devices is because sprints marketing department is the worst in the industry. VZW and Motos adds on the Motorola phone running the Android OS (or DROID by Moto with google as VZW likes to try and strip everyone from the manufacturers and the developers) were done well and executed extrememely well. Sprints commercials are lame, the advertisments are horrible, and they leave nothing to get the consumer wanting to know more becuase within the first 3 seconds the commercial airs it is boring and people tune out. Who cares about Flava Flav? I heard he died and his following is less than 4 people anymore because NO ONE CARES! If sprint doesn't actually do something to save the sinking ship they are on T-Mo will overtake them by 2012 and sprint will become the new US Cellular "Who's US Cellular?" "Exactly"

6. vzw fanman

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sprint does a pretty good job marketing their phones on a lot of tv shows/ movies...desperate housewives, eagle eye, 24.

7. PhoneUser

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Ok i will agree with you on the marketing side cause MAN they do need to spice somthing up when they get new phones. BUT!!! Lets go back to what I WAS SAYING..... Phonearena does reviews on all new devices so why are they praising VZW phones? Like i said the droid and the eris are NOT the first of its kind so makes no sense why they are in the spotlight. I guess they are there cause people are in favor of VZW. I do agree those phones are great but, to talk about them like all the other androids suck is stupid. And lets stop with the whole T-Mo taking over Sprint crap cause we all know its never going to happen. just cause people want Sprint to "sink" doesnt mean it going to happen. Sprint has the best plans out there right now hands down. No one can argue that other carriers have better plans cause they dont. OK sorry im going off topic... all im saying is for Phonearena to shine light to other Android phones and not worship the droid/eris like everyone else. I swear it deja vu all over again except this time its not the Iphone.....give it a rest already.

8. cellgeek82

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It looks like the Apple cult will be loosing members lol

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