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Poll results: Is Amazon's Fire phone a game changer?

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Poll results: Is Amazon's Fire phone a game changer?
Amazon announced its very first smartphone last week, calling it the Fire phone, and saying that it’s going to release it on July 25 (with pre-orders available since the day of the announcement). After checking out all the new features of the Fire phone, we wondered if the handset could be considered a game changer, and we made a poll asking you the same thing.

Most of our readers who answered the poll (71.68%, or 1,691 people) believe that the Amazon Fire phone is not a game changer. The rest - 28.32%, or 668 people - seem to think that the handset can really change things, though we haven’t seen detailed responses about this in the comments.

Two of the Fire phone’s main features are Firefly (which can recognize about 100,000 items, allowing you to instantly buy them... from Amazon), and the 3D "dynamic perspective" interface (which uses four infrared cameras to track the position of users). While these may not make the handset a game changer, it looks like Samsung and LG are monitoring its potential success anyway.

Amazon already proved that it can disrupt a newly-entered market (with the Kindle Fire tablets), so its Fire phone will certainly not be ignored by current smartphone makers. However, we’ll have to wait a bit before knowing if this new handset is, or isn’t a game changer.

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