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Poll results: Apple iPad 2, will you get it?

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Poll results: Apple iPad 2, will you get it?

The day of the iPad 2 has come! Now you can order the iPad 2 from Apple.com or start preparing for the lines, which are expected to form around 5pm your local time when the tablet goes on sale in Apple Stores, as well as Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart retail stores nationwide. But judging from our last week's poll the lines might not be that long after all!

Last week we asked if you plan on getting the new iPad 2, which is a shockingly thin and light tablet. Actually, it's even thinner than the iPhone 4, while its 1.3 pounds of weight are unmatched by any product on the market. It also has a dual-core chip and a sprinkle of Apple magic with the latest GarageBand and iMovie apps. What more could you want? 341 of you were lured by Apple's new tablet and exclaimed w00t in joy as they prepared for today. Another 198 loved the iPad 2, but would rather wait to first sell their first-gen iPad before getting the refreshed second version. This brings the total number of potential iPad 2 buyers to 539 or 29.68% of all the voters.

But hey, did we mention that the Motorola XOOM is already out there and it is getting 4G connectivity in the near future? The Honeycomb tablet is just one of many to come and all of those upcoming slates match the power of Apple's tablet and some offer even more. And with the recent teaser by Samsung suggesting an extremely slim tablet in the works, Honeycomb might be the platform of choice for many. It certainly is for you, our readers, who in a great majority of 733 votes, or an overwhelming 40.36%, preferred Android, open source and Honeycomb in particular over Apple's tablet. That translates into a more than 10% advantage for Honeycomb tablets over the iPad.

In contrast, a significant 306 votes or 16.85% went to people annoyed with the tablet hype, who think that a good ol' notebook is all you need. Come to think about it, this group would have probably been the majority around that time of last year! Things change rapidly, don't they? Finally, a notable 111 current iPad owners stated that the iPad is still far from obsolete and saw no need for an upgrade. The percentage of people considering the HP TouchPad with the exciting webOS or a smaller tablet gravitated around 3.5%. The only thing left now is to vote with your dollar, but don't forget to share which tablet you got in the comments below!

Poll results: Apple iPad 2, will you get it?

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