Best Buy to start selling iPad 2 after 5 pm on March, 11th

Best Buy to start selling iPad 2 after 5 pm on March, 11th

March 11th is a special dayfor every Apple fan out there, but if you have hoped that you can getthe iPad 2 earlier than Friday evening (5pm local time atApple Stores nationwide), you'll be disappointed to find out thatBest Buy - quite expectedly - will also start selling the next-gentablet after 5pm on Friday. The reason behind this is reportedly acontractual agreement with Apple. Other retail chains like Wal-Mart,Sam's Club and most recently Target are expected to also have theiPad 2 and judging from the Best Buy agreement, they will startselling the tablet after 5pm on Friday.

Has Apple ever done this before? Ourmemory reminds us of the late launch of the first generation of theiPhone, which went on sale at 6pm with Apple Stores closing for 2hours to prepare for the launch. The same goes for the 3G version ofthe original iPad which was also launched at 5pm on a Friday. IfApple repeats the same scenario, that would mean that Apple Storeswill close for a couple of hours prior to the big launch.

Unlike the original iPad, the secondgeneration of the slate wasn't made available for pre-order. That allpoints to an even bigger crowd gathering in front of locationsselling the iPad 2 and more hype generated. The reason behindthe late hour launch? Speculations range from an overwhelming demandthat Apple expects to result in shortages all the way to a specifichour picked so that employees don't miss work. What do you thinkabout the 5pm launch? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Anonymous!

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iPad 2
  • Display 9.7 inches
    768 x 1024 pixels
  • Camera 0.7 MP (Single camera)
    0.3 MP VGA front
  • Hardware Apple A5, 0.5GB RAM
  • Storage 64GB,
  • Battery 6944 mAh
  • OS iOS 9.x



8. PCS524 unregistered

I had the unfortunate experience of trying to buy my new iPad 2 at Best Buy in Centennial Colorado today. According to the GM, it was the only location to to receive their shipment. The first 70 or so people ( me included) just revived paper vouchers to get one tomorrow if the order comes in. They only were getting Non G3 units anyway.

6. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

The difference between iPad 1 and iPad 2 is that there are more partners who will be selling the iPad 2 on launch day. IMO, the 5 p.m. availability time is more of a marketing gimmick. I really doubt there will anywhere like the lines that were present on the iPad1 launch. Maybe in a few isolated places, but in places where there is the full complement of partners selling the iPad 2, the lines just won't be as long. And more iPad 2s will be sold on launch day than were sold on the WiFi and 3G iPad 1 launch days combined. Regarding JeffdaBeat's strategy for getting an iPad 2, that is mine as well. Although I might try the AT&T store, since I will be transferring my unlimited data plan on the iPad 1 to the iPad 2.

2. becazican unregistered

i agree with above, they just want it to look like lots of people are demanding it. I do want one but will not wait on line for one , i will order it on line, if they run out i will just wait for the xoom wi fi to come out in early april.

1. BaiGanyo

Posts: 308; Member since: Feb 07, 2011

No preorders equals bigger lines and the appearance of it being more popular than it really is. Nice move of desperation. In other words, there isn't going to be any real shortage, so apple has to get the most bang for the buck out of their imposed shortages by stretching out as long as they can. What a pathetic stunt. More signs it's not going to sell like they hoped.

3. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

Ummmm, you do know that you can order the ipad2 online with free shipping, don't you? Which means, you do not have to go to any store to fall in line :)

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Yeah, plus at this point, Apple doesn't have to really fake demand. We can pretty much assume people will camp out or show up super early to get their hands on an iPad 2. I want an iPad, but not bad enought that I am going to camp out. If the Apple store runs out, then I'll order online for free and just have it shipped. No biggie...

5. BaiGanyo

Posts: 308; Member since: Feb 07, 2011

No preorders. That's the scam.

7. gateway unregistered

you can order online but unlike the original iPad, you can only preorder a few hours before it hit the stores. and they have added more stores to sell the iPad so there's really no need for pre-orders

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