Pictures of two new Xperia devices leak ahead of Sony's MWC announcements

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Pictures of two new Xperia devices leak ahead of Sony's MWC announcements
Well, MWC is right around the corner, and you know how things go – the leaks start multiplying. Now, we know Sony will be at the convention, and we've already seen that there is a Z4 Tablet in the works. There is also a rumor floating about, siggesting that a new Xperia handset will be making an appearance, but not a flagship one, rather, a model, dubbed M4 Aqua – the successor to the midrange M2 Aqua, though, why Sony would skip a number, we're not sure.

So, today, the guys at XperiaBlog have gotten a hold of a couple of pictures showing the devices, which Sony will be announcing at the MWC. One of them is a tab, possibly the Z4 Tablet, and the other is a smartphone, whose design language is very similar to the Xperia Z3. If this is the M4 Aqua, it would make sense – last year's M2 Aqua was also designed similar to the Sony flagship back then – the Xperia Z2.

So, in terms of specs, the leak that Sony accidentally spilled a while back revealed that the Z4 Tablet will be "extremely thin" and sport a "2K display", while it would be loaded with "the latest ultra fast processor" – we assume that would be the Snapdragon 810. Other leaks suggested 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage, and, of course, being loaded with Android 5.0 is expected. In fact – the photos show both devices running Google's Lollipop.

Unfortunately, reports suggest that Sony will not be unveiling a flagship at this MWC, and we wouldn't hold our breath, as some reliable leaks have hinted at a summer announcement for the Xperia Z4.

source: XperiaBlog


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