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Pebble appstore for iOS is up and running, Android store coming "very soon"

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Pebble appstore for iOS is up and running, Android store coming
As we told you it would on Saturday, the Pebble appstore for iOS has officially opened on Monday. An update to the iOS version of the smartwatch brings the appstore to the timepiece. The shelves are chock full of goodies with about 1000 apps and watchfaces for the device, which has become a mainstream product after getting funded through Kickstarter.

The Pebble appstore includes six categories and the best apps for each one will be curated to the top, making it easier for Pebble users to find them. The watch is limited to the installation of eight apps at a time. In order to make switching apps easier, the 'Pebble Locker' is included with the update. This allows you to store those apps that you have downloaded but have not installed, and quickly swap them for an app currently installed on the watch. One app at a time can be exchanged in this fashion.

Those Pebble owners with the Android flavored variant of the watch will get the appstore update "very, very soon," according to Pebble.

The Pebble appstore for iOS is now open

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