Oppo A11w receives certification by Indonesia's FCC; is this Oppo's "bezel-less" phone?


Over the last couple of days, we told you about a new Oppo handset that has quite a few smartphone fans excited. No, it has nothing to do with the specs of the phone. In fact, those haven't even been leaked at this point outside of the rumored size of the screen (5.5-inches). Instead, it's the "bezel-less" look of the device that has many looking at the unit with goo-goo eyes.

While images of the phone have leaked, including a video showing the screen in action, we really don't even know the name of this model. But we do have a clue. Indonesia's FCC has certified an unknown Oppo A11w handset, and this action by the agency appeared on the Postel website. 

We have no information that confirms that the Oppo A11w is the "bezel-less" handset that many of you are lusting for inside. That particular model could be another phone altogether. We should also reiterate that the manufacturer filed for a patent last December for a technology that creates the illusion that a phone is "bezel-less", when it really has a thin bezel around the screen.

Most likely, the device in the video is a prototype and is not ready yet for prime time. If that is the case, it might be disappointing for those who would love to have this smartphone in their hands now. 

Thanks for the tip, R. Aditya!

source: Postel

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