Opera Mobile Store is an app store for "virtually any platform"

Opera Mobile Store is an app store for

Opera is a great choice for traffic-savvy browsing, but with the latest update it brings an all-new app store functionality powered by the Appia open application marketplace available to users from more than 200 countries. The Opera Mobile Store, as it's called, can be access right from the Speed Dial menu where it's featured as a link. From there you can download both free and paid apps for phones with Android, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry on board. The current app count stands at the impressive 140,000 in total, but it could become even bigger with the inclusion of links to the App Store for iOS (currently missing).

To get relevant content you have to first pick your handset, then applications are filtered by operating system. While this is in no way a direct competitor to the bigger app stores like the Android Marketplace, it allows for quick access to apps within the browser. Opera has launched the Opera Publisher Portal as well, giving developers a way to get a wider audience through the in-store market. Opera claims that in its pre-launch state, the Opera Mobile Store registered 15 million users in February with over 700,000 downloads per day. The number is pretty telling, placing the store among the 10 most popular application markets out there, so why not give it a run?

source: Opera



1. Rob C unregistered

May not come to iOS. Apple prefers sales made on their devices to go through iTunes. Isn't they why the Sony e-reader app was pulled recently; because it directed users to make purchases from the web browser?

2. fairly mismatched unregistered

Oops, minus "they" add "that".

3. Rob C unregistered

Correction... never mind grammar nazi

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