Opera for Android update adds revamped night mode, lots of improvements

Opera for Android update adds revamped night mode, lots of improvements
The mobile version of Opera has gone a long way and the developers don't miss a chance to remind us. The latest version of Opera for Android brings many improvements and a couple of new features. The highlight of the update is the revamped night mode, which should offer a more pleasant experience at night.

With version 55, Opera developers reimplemented the option to darken the UI from the ground up to give users a full-fledged and configurable night mode. For example, there's a new additional dimming option that lets you go super-dark, minimizing light. Although the setting was available in previous versions of Opera, it's been reworked to match with the new color temperature setting. Also, this version eliminates the need for special device overlay permissions.

Speaking of color temperature, you now have a new setting that allows you to adjust the color temperature to suppress the blue light components, which will limit the effects of late-night browsing.

A brand-new dark web pages feature is making its way to Opera on Android. Also, when using night mode with Opera, you can use a dark virtual keyboard on your smartphone. If you can't or prefer otherwise, you have the option of reducing the effects of a bright keyboard by dimming it down with the use of a special overlay.

The mobile browser gained support for more countries and languages. Opera v55 uses a new two-column layout in landscape mode on tablets, so it can make better use of the available space.

Last but not least, one of the most-requested features has finally been added to the browser – the ability to switch tabs without going into the tab gallery. After the update, you'll be able to quickly flip between tabs by swiping the bottom bar.

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