OnePlus tips revolutionary long-life Glacier phone battery made by CATL

OnePlus tips revolutionary long-life Glacier phone battery made by CATL
When Oppo, the all-but-official current parent company of OnePlus, listed 1,600 charge-discharge cycles for the battery in its Find X5 Pro flagship handsets, it was endurance unheard of in the phone industry.

Just for comparison, at the time, Apple bragged about a lifespan of its iPhone batteries that was rated for 800 charge-discharge cycles before capacity drops below 80%, or a twice shorter longevity than in Oppo's phones.

Oppo's Smart Battery Health Algorithm is capable of tracking the electric potential across the negative electrode in real-time, and then "dynamically adjust the charging currency within a reasonable range, minimizing the occurrence of dead lithium while maintaining the maximum charging current, therefore ensuring a healthier battery lifespan and faster charging speed."

Moreover, thanks to the Battery Healing Technology of Oppo and, by extension, of OnePlus, the optimized electrolyte formula continuously repairs the electrodes damage caused by each full charge and discharge cycles. The so-called Solid Electrolyte Interface is essentially a durable film that papers over the miniscule imperfections that appear with each full cycle and lead to battery degradation over time.

The OnePlus Glacier battery

OnePlus is now teasing an even better battery technology that it calls the Glacier Battery, and says that it has been developed together with the world's largest battery maker, CATL.

"A high-performance battery designed for high-performance mobile phones, a breakthrough in battery life experience, and the beginning of a new era," says OnePlus. What precisely will the Glacier Battery bring?

Well, as the name hints, it could bring an even better longevity by staying cool under discharge instead of hot and bothered, as heat is the main destroyer of batteries.

"Super capacity, leading performance mobile phones into the era of super endurance," confirms OnePlus, and then adds that this is a "super technology, a strong alliance with the King of Lithium Battery CATL."

King indeed, as CATL makes more than a third of the world's batteries, including highly sophisticated EV packs for Tesla or other brands. It recently announced that it is working to make batteries last longer so that electric car makers like NIO can give 15-year warranties, and already gives 20 year capacity retention warranty for its energy storage solutions, with 5-year zero degradation guarantee.

Some or all of that battery longevity goodness will apparently appear in the new OnePlus Ace 3 Pro phone that is about to be announced soon, and we will know more about the innovation that goes in its giant 6,100 mAh pack on June 20, when OnePlus and CATL will detail the Glacier Battery.

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