Nokia teases event for Monday; could be a maps related announcement

Nokia teases event for Monday; could be a maps related announcement
If it weren't for the fact that we've already told you that Microsoft's announcement Monday is about a new tablet to be manufactured in-house, we would think that Nokia's large picture teasing Monday's date would have something to do with Microsoft. The picture, found on Nokia's Facebook wall, shows Monday's date in large letters with the Hawaiian Islands in the background. In the front are what appears to be zoom controls. Add it all together and it looks like Nokia could be introducing some type of Maps feature on Monday.

Getting back to the tablet for a second, there is the possibility that Nokia is manufacturing the Microsoft tablet. But what then to make of the Hawaiian Islands display and zoom controls reference? Back last month we told you that Bing Maps is going to get traffic info powered by Nokia along with Geocoding which could be the subject of the announcement being teased. Actually, it would make a lot of sense considering the picture that Nokia is teasing us with.

The good news is, we will find out what it all means on Monday. Until then, we invite you to give us your best guess at what Nokia is trying to tell us. And no, it isn't "Bobby Jo fell down the well." You can give us your best guess by typing your comment in the box below.

source: Nokia via WPCentral

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