Nokia employees are protesting by walking out of work today

Nokia employees are protesting by walking out of work today
Things are surely in a state of chaos over in Nokia land today after the announcement of seeing the long time handset maker deciding to embrace the Windows Phone 7 platform – thus signaling the end of Symbian's future development.

The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft appears to be striking a vulnerable chord with Nokia’s dedicated employees because they’re protesting by simply walking out of work today. Workers emptied out of offices and marched outside to express their dissatisfaction about the newly formed partnership. In all honesty, you really can’t blame them since many have dedicated time and have a deep devotion to the Symbian platform. Letting go so quickly just isn’t much of an option for them – especially when job cuts could be close at hand.

Naturally, the future is still uncertain,  but it in the meantime, there has been no announcements regarding job cuts. However, that feeling of uncertainty can be somewhat troubling for the approximate 3.000 people working at Nokia’s Tampere location – with half of them actually working on Symbian. This talk out protest is one way for these employees to voice their opinions and concerns about the new direction that the company is taking.

source: (translated) via Geek

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