'Nokia Reading' now available for all non-U.S. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone models

'Nokia Reading' now available for all non-U.S. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone models
Last week Nokia pulled the curtain back a little on its 'Nokia Reader' application.  The reading hub and bookstore is now available for free in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app can be installed in non-U.S. models of the Nokia Lumia series in such locations as France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the U.K. and will slowly be added to other markets as the year progresses. The application is supported by all versions of the Nokia Lumia that have been released so far such as the Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900 models.

Nokia Reading will offer books popular in local markets, but also books in English that have made the best-seller list. Since the Amazon Kindle app is not available to those using Windows Phone, 'Nokia Reading' takes its place and allows those in non-English speaking regions (where eBook sales have been traditionally low) to have easier access to digital books. Additionally, for those who enjoy the classics, many of them will be available for free.

The books will be divided up by genre or by popularity and can be displayed as black print on a white background or as white print on a black background. The latter will save wear and tear on your battery life. It is believed that licensing problems are keeping the app from being offered in the States.

source:  Nokia Communications

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