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Nokia Lumia 1020 online pre-orders sell out for AT&T

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Nokia Lumia 1020 online pre-orders sell out for AT&T
On Tuesday, AT&T started accepting pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 1020. Demand was so heavy for the camera-centric smartphone that someone who ordered the device shortly after the online site went live, found out that he was too late as the phone had sold out. As early as 8:42am Tuesday morning, AT&T had sent him an email to tell him that the model was now on backorder.

It surely seems as though Nokia and Microsoft have a winner here (the two are definitely intertwined in a way that Samsung and Google never will be), and the unsaid notion is that this is another nail in the coffin of BlackBerry. After iOS and Android take their slice of the pie, there is a limited amount of dessert left over. If Windows Phone picks up market share, it probably will be at the expense of the Canadian manufacturer whose only response to the Lumia 1020 is the rather tepid BlackBerry A10 Aristo.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 will ship on July 23rd for those lucky enough to get their order in before supplies were all accounted for. An AT&T rep told us on Wednesday night that new orders will be shipped on or around July 25th. The 32GB model of the phone is $299.99 with a signed two-year pact.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is already sold out at AT&T

source: WMPoweruser

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