Nokia Drive hacked to work on other Windows Phones too

Nokia Drive hacked to work on other Windows Phones too
It didn't take long for Nokia's exclusive Windows Phone apps like Music, Maps, Pulse or Drive to be hacked for working on WP devices from other manufacturers, and the Finns won't be very happy about it.

The most desirable one is Nokia Drive, of course, thanks to its offline voice-guided navigation capabilities in about 100 countries worldwide, including places where Bing Maps only shows the major highways.

The XAP file has been leaked in Chinese forums, and can only be applied to unlocked Windows Phones, of course, potentially voiding your warranty. It's interesting to see it working on the 4.7" HTC Titan, though, which just went on sale from AT&T. Detailed map of the US will take quite a while to download, as the full size is around 2GB.

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i would download this on my htc hd7 but it would need jailbreaking....and i dont feel like dealin with chevron drama 2 make it unlocked.......any easy way 2 unlock hd7? apart from chevron?

2. rakmvk

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How nokia will differentiate from other players now what ever app they are creating people are porting to other windows based mobiles.

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