Nokia 2705 Shade and Verizon Razzle to be launched October 6th

Nokia 2705 Shade and Verizon Razzle to be launched October 6th
Earlier in the day, we introduced you to the Nokia 2705 Shade and the PCD Pantech Razzle TXT8030, simply known as the Verizon Razzle. Both devices are budget phones with specs that won't blow you away, but with prices that won't put you in the poor house. Both handsets will launch on October 6th according to sales material obtained by BGR. The Razzle will originally be made available for online orders only until the Blitz is sold out. Once that happens, the Razzle will be added to other sales channels. With a 2 year contract, the device will cost $69.99. The Razzle has a unique swiveling bottom with a QWERTY keyboard on oneside and a music player on the reverse.With support for VZ Navigator and VCast music with Rhapsody, the TXT8030 also features a 1.3MP camera with a self-potrait mirror for those vain users.

The Nokia 2705 Shade will also launch online only on October 6th. The price is $29.99 with a 2 year pact. The Shade comes with changeable covers that personalize the color of the front of the phone. The Set-up Wizard allows the owner to personalize some of the software settings. The pictures you take with the on-board 1.3MP camera can be sent to anyone in the address book while texting is supported with a large sized display and easy to use keypad.

Pantech Razzle TXT8030 Preliminary Specifications
Nokia 2705 Shade Preliminary Specifications

source: BGR


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