No Multi-Touch for Nexus One browser and other first impressions

No Multi-Touch for Nexus One browser and other first impressions
Someone named tnkgrl has been tweeting her experiences and impressions with the Nexus One. Thanks to her, we know that the handset will not support Multi-Touch in the browser or in Google Maps. She says the device is thin, extremely zippy and is faster than the DROID. The 3G works on T-Mobile U.S.A. and AT&T frequencies support only EDGE. Equipped with a 4GB microSD card, tnkgrl says the Nexus One looks nicer in person than it does in the snapshots we have seen. The OLED display has the same size and resolution as the Motorola DROID. Speaking of the 2009 Time Magazine Gadget of the Year, the DROID's camera interface is the same as what you get with the so-called Google Phone and there is no dedicated camera key while the trackball can be used to focus, as on other HTC devices. The flash is weak which makes low-light pictures hard to shoot. There is no VoIP and calls are routed the normal way. The home screen is divided into 5 separate panels like with the Sense UI, and a microUSB connector is used for power and data. We are eager to get our hands on the HTC Nexus One and post our opinion, and you?

HTC Nexus One Specifications

source: tnkgrlmobile via Phandroid

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