Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Heroes makes almost $3 million on release day

Nintendo's second mobile game launched earlier this week has made quite a lot of money on the first day. Even though Fire Emblem: Heroes is available for free, it includes in-app purchases and a solid stamina system, which will eventually force you to pay to play more if you become addicted.

Judging from the first numbers provided by Sensor Tower, it seems that many players who have tried the game have decided to invest a little bit of money. Fire Emblem: Heroes has earned no less than $2.9 million on the first day of release.

The amount makes it the third highest ranking app by gross revenue in App Store and Google Play worldwide. Still, it appears that with $10.2 million earned, Pokemon GO leads the top of game launches by first-day gross revenue, an impressive achievement by Niantic's title.

Super Mario Run has made $8.4 million and is ranked second in the same top. Supercell's Clash Royale follows Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Heroes with “just” $1.4 million revenue earned on the day of its release.

Also, when it comes to downloads, Super Mario Run is by far the most popular game with 6 million downloads on release day, followed by Pokemon GO with 4.2 million, and both Fire Emblem: Heroes and Clash Royale, each with 2 million downloads.

The same report highlights a few other interesting facts, including the largest number of downloads and revenue that come from Japan, immediately followed by the United States.

Apparently, the game has just made it to number 17 ranked iPhone app by gross income on the US App Store, which is no small feat for a less-known franchise such as Fire Emblem.

source: Sensor Tower

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