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Nexus One page goes live-then dies

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Nexus One page goes live-then dies
It's the night before the expected launch date of the highly awaited Nexus One. For just a few minutes, the web page for the phone went live allowing readers to watch videos of the device in action. But before you could say "Snapdragon", the site was taken down. We hear that one of the videos showed the 3D photo gallery, one showed a walkthrough for Android 2.0-strange considering that the N-One is expected to launch with the 2.1 build of the open source OS. Also making an appearance was the Terms of Service and some other interesting things. January 5th is tomorrow and by this time tomorrow night, the cellular world will probably be filled with electricity. Among the emotions you will see after the Nexus One is launched will be lust, greed, jealousy, and hate. Be prepared. Those most likely to be affected are owners of the iPhone and the DROID/Milestone. We can predict that once the so called Google Phone is released, you will see countless comparisons to Apple's touchscreen phone and Motorola's current Android flagship model. Will HTC's Nexus One be the iPhone and/or DROID killer, or will it be just another Android handset? What do you think?

HTC Nexus One Specifications

source: Google via EngadgetMobile


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